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Lirik Lagu Is It Just Me, Sasha Sloan, Jakarta Lagu Is It Just me? berisi tentang pola pikir seorang Sasha Sloan yang berbeda dengan orang-orang di sekitarnya. Dan ia mulai bertanya-tanya apakah ini merupakan hal yang benar atau salah.


Is it just me?

Is it just me?


I hate holding babies, and people tryna save me

Think religion is a business where you pay for God's forgiveness

Modern art is boring, politicians are annoyingI don't think love lasts forever, and old music was better

Am I just high

Or am I kinda right?


Is it just me or does anybody

Feel the way that I feel?

They're just not being real

Tell me, is it just me or is anybody

Thinking all the same shit?

They're just not saying it

Or is it just me?


Is it just me?

(Is it just me?)


Weddings are outdated, the show Friends was overrated

I think rich kids have it easy, and PDA is creepy

The internet's obnoxious, people my age make me nauseous

I think marijuana's classy, and doing coke is trashy


Am I just high

Or am I kinda right?


Is it just…