Lirik Lagu Gone, Zara Leola, Jakarta Zara Leola baru saja merilis single berjudul Gone. Lewat lagu ini ia ingin menyampaikan pesan jika perempuan tak harus dipandang lemah. Berikut ini adalah lirik lagunya.


Wind against my face

Drying up the tears I shed

When did I lose my place

Now runner up, a second best


I saw you in the suburbs

Walking down the street with her

(I) told myself I don't care

Waiting for time to heal (me)


Gone, gone, gone away

Never looking back

Not even a glance

Every night I cry, cry, cry

In my bed

Wishing I'm not in love with you


I have no remedy

To fix my tragedy

Not even cupid can help (it)

Thought you're my destiny

That we were meant to be

I'm such a fool to believe it

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